Product Questions

How do I wear the Bulge Band?

Slide the Bulge Band over your penis and balls until the band rests at the base of your penis.  Easy!  Flexible cock ring reveals a larger bulge and will protect you from chaffing during physical and enhances your sexual activity. Adjust your package periodically, like all guys do, to keep your bulge forward.

Two Methods

  1. The Claw (one-handed): Stretch the band over all five fingers and place around your penis and balls. Do the same to remove.
  2. The Tug (two-handed): Use two fingers on each hand to stretch band and place around your penis and balls. Do the same to remove.

How to make the Bulge Band more snug?

If the band is slipping off during daily activities, simply throw it in washer/dryer on warm or hot cycle to tighten the fibers to make a more snug fit. 

We have a limited number of 13cm bands available for a tighter fit.  Contact us at support@thebulgeband.com to inquire.  

How to remove the Bulge Band?

Use the Claw or Tug method described above to remove the band safely.  Don't just rip it off, handle your package with care!

Can I wash the Bulge Band?

Yes, you can throw it in the machine wash and dry cycle with like colored clothing just like underwear.  It is recommended you wash it first before wearing to make more comfortable and break it in just like you would clothing.  It will not lose shape or integrity and the dryer will tighten fibers up to keep it snug around your package with every wash! 

How long does the Bulge Band last?

Usually 1-2 months per band.  We recommend wearing the Bulge Band only during physical and sexual activities. Those overachievers out there may wear out the bands sooner than one month.  When the band tension relaxes, its time to put it in the wash or purchase a new Bulge Band. 

Is the Bulge Band safe?

Yes, from the band tension to the soft fibers of the material, the Bulge Band is designed to handle your package with care!

No Chemicals. No Metal that restricts blood flow. No Silicone that only pulls your hair and can irritate your skin. Its like a waistband for your package.

As with any genital support or male enhancement, make sure you let your penis and balls hang naturally from time to time.  Discontinue use if causes any discomfort. The Bulge Band is not intended to wear at night or with prolonged erections. And don't rip it off.  Use the methods listed above to remove.

Will Bulge Band pull my hair?

No, Bulge Band is made with non-abrasive fabric that won't pull on your hair, although its not a bad idea to trim gentlemen.

Can I get Bulge Band wet?

Yes, You can even take it in a shower, pool, and hot tub with the Bulge Band.  We recommend washing it with mild soap once a day to get your manly smells off. Machine-washable too.

Can I wear Underwear with the Bulge Band?

Yes, the Bulge Band is designed to fit any underwear type.  Consider it an "extension" to your underwear collection! Tight underwear is not recommended. But honestly, try it without underwear and feel confident going commando!

Can I use more than one Bulge Band at a time?

No, Use one Bulge Band at a time.

Can I wear the Bulge Band overnight?

It happens, but we encourage you to not wear overnight, especially if you get woodies for an extended period of time.  Remove periodically to let the boys hang naturally. Discontinue use if causes any discomfort.

The Bulge Band feels a little tight?

Discontinue use.  The Bulge Band should fit snug.  Don't overstretch the product if you think it is too tight.  The band is designed for the average male package.  Select the size Large for you big boys out there.

The Bulge Band feels itchy?

Break it in just like you would for underwear.  Throw it in the wash and dryer cycle to make more comfortable and soften the fibers, specifcally the logo square.

Can I use a rubber band or silicone instead?

No, rubber and silicone penis rings or bands can be abrasive, tear the skin, and restrict blood flow to the penis.  Bulge Band is designed specifically for the average male package with comfort and flexibility in mind.

Can I use a metal cock ring instead?

Not recommended, metal cock rings restrict blood flow and can cause numerous injuries to your genitals.  Bulge Band is a flexible solution that can enhance your package, without restricting essential blood flow to your penis. Its pretty attractive during sex too!


Shipping Questions

What can I expect in the Mail?

You will receive a padded envelope stuffed with your Bulge Band(s).

What shipping choices are there?

FREE USPS First Class for U.S. Domestic Only.  USPS Priority and International First Class available. We do not upcharge shipping costs. You only pay cost or under cost.

Do you offer discreet shipping?

Yes, all orders are processed as discreet from Louder LLC. 


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Flexible. Daily-Use. Sexy Cock Ring.

Not All Cock Rings Are The Same

Metal or plastic cock rings are rigid, restrict blood flow and only used during sex. Rubber ones pull your hair! Bulge Band is flexible, breathable, soft, fashionable, and can be used daily for nearly any activity!

  • Flexible

    Flex for Daily Use. Stretches around your package. Multiple sizes available for bestfit. Comfortable to wear with or without underwear. More than a cock ring.

  • Bigger Bulge

    Bulge Band lifts your penis and balls as one package and improves your bulge size. Show off your goods!

  • Washable

    Made from high-quality materials, the Bulge Band is made to last. Machine-wash with like colors.

  • Reversible

    Each Bulge Band has a pattern side and a solid color side.

  • Sexy

    Cock Rings don't have to look so dull. Choose from many band styles!

  • Breathable

    Fabric. Soft. No metal to irritate skin, no plastic or rubber to pull your pubes!

Launch Edition

Free Ball or Wear with your favorite underwear!

Bulge Band stays with you during all daily activities, even sports.